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Research Area 2: Europe and the EU as Recipient of Diffusion


EU institutions and policies do not only diffuse to other parts of the world. The EU is also recipient of global diffusion proc­esses. This research area aims to explain how and under what conditions different regional cooperation and integration experiences travel back to Europe. How has early Western European integration been influenced by institutional models from other regions of the world? And has today’s EU learned from other international settings, such as NATO or IMF, and regional integration forms in Latin America, the Arab world, Africa, and Asia? Furthermore, this research area seeks to shed light on the gap between the EU’s self-image it seeks to promote externally, on the one hand, and resistance of other regions against these ideas, on the other. How does Europe’s history of colonialism influence its efforts to export its institu­tional solutions to other parts of the world? Finally, in time of a rising China and other emerging economies, how does Europe address these changes in the global order which will inevitably render the world more pluralistic?