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Berlin Anthropology Seminars – Online seminar series WS 20/21 (11 Nov - 24 Jan)

News vom 01.12.2020

Berlin Anthropology Seminars – Online seminar series, WS 2020-21

Wednesdays, 14.15 – 15.45, via WebEx (link to be circulated before each event)

see also Flyer

We welcome all anthropological researchers based in and around Berlin, from PhD student level and above, to participate as presenters, discussants, and attentive listeners, to create and cultivate a common forum for critical discussion and fruitful exchange.

This semester’s programme is the following (partly tbc):

11.11. Jonas Bens (FU Berlin), ‘The Sentiment of Justice: Navigating Normative Pluralism in Northern Uganda’, Chapter 6 from Habilitationsschrift, The Sentimental Court: the Affective Life of International Criminal Justice, 2020

 25.11. Juergen Schaflechner (FU Berlin), The Populism of the Precarious: Marginalization, Mobilization, and Mediatization of South Asia’s Religious Minorities, Volkswagen Freigeist Fellowship Project

 *10.12. (NB. Thu.) Prathama Banerjee (CDDS, Delhi), ‘Time and the Limits of the Political: Anti-historical Excursions from South Asia’, 2nd Annual Berlin Southern Theory Lecture,organized by IfSKA, FU Berlin, in collaboration with Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) and Ethnologisches Museum, supported by Berlin University Alliance

16.12. Jacob Nerenberg (ZMO), “‘Who Can Compete?’: Debating the Possibility of Indigenous Enterprise in Papua, Indonesia”

13.1. Paola Ivanov (Ethnologisches Museum, SPK): book launch and discussion, Die Verkörperung der Welt: Ästhetik, Raum und Gesellschaft im islamischen Sansibar. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 2020

27.1. Nikolaos Olma (ZMO), ‘(Re)Conceptualising the Memoryscape: Urban Infrastructure and Embodied Memory in Post-Socialist Tashkent’

10.2. Judith Albrecht (FU Berlin), “Walking the streets of Benghazi”, Vorstellung einer ethnographischen Essaysammlung ueber das postrevolutionaere Benghazi im Jahr 2012

 24.2. Barbara Goebel (IAI, SPK), title tbc


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SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture