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Dastavezi the Audio-Visual South Asia: 3rd issue is out now!

News vom 10.08.2021

Dear all,

The third edition of Dastavezi is out and can be accessed at: Dastavezi the Audio-Visual South Asia (3): 1-81

Dastavezi is a journal for scholars and filmmakers, filmmakers as scholars, and filmmaking scholars working on regional and transregional South Asia. 

The third issue includes an introduction by its editors in chief – Jürgen Schaflechner and Max Kramer – and the following films, photo essays, and essays:


Abir Bazaz: Paradise on a River of Hell (30 min)

Borayin Larios: Birthday Party in Saffron – Pune’s Śivājī Jayantī Celebration in 2020 (Photo Essay)

Sadia Quraeshi Shepard: For my Country (15 min)

Eliane Ettmüller, Sarah Ewald, and Max Kramer: Sufis Entangled (57 min)

Mohamed Shafeeq Karinkurayil: On Stale Images (Photo Essay)


Dastavezi welcomes films, essays, and photo essays on South Asia–related topics for its future volumes!


Further information on the submission can be found here. Submissions should be sent to Dastavezi@gmail.com

Further information on the journal can be obtained from: j.schaflechner@fu-berlin and max.kramer@fu-berlin.de

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