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Suzana Jovicic


Doktorandin/ PhD candidate (Prof. Dr. Thomas Stodulka)

Suzana Jovicic studied Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology (MSc) at Brunel University, London. In 2017, she was awarded the DOC-team fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and researcher at CSLEARN Educational Technologies, University of Vienna. She is also co-founder of the Digital Ethnography Initiative and Communications/Web Officer of the European Network for Psychological Anthropology (ENPA).

PhD Project

Her dissertation explores smartphone use among marginalized youth, based on ethnographic research in Viennese youth centers. The research project focuses on the integration of social, commercial, and playful digital spaces into everyday life, which is characterized by unemployment, fragmentation of "coming of age," and periods of boredom, waiting, and stagnation. Generic terms such as "digital natives" and "digital divide" are critically examined and the perspective of young people is brought to the fore. In addition, together with her colleagues from computer science and cognitive science and in close collaboration with young people, she is developing a serious game that deals with data protection, marketing and gamification in social media.

SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture