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Master Visual and Media Anthropology

14195 Berlin

Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin

The Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Department of Political and Social Sciences) at the Freie Universität Berlin, a university of excellence, is offering an innovative continuing education online Master's (M.A.) program in Visual and Media Anthropology with additional in-house-classes. The vision of the program is to bring visual and media anthropological knowledge to people who have already settled, and are future leaders, in the digital media sectors, the film industry or governmental and non- governmental organizations, as well as to the current and future leading voices of the museums, film festivals, new and social media, galleries and other art und culture production industries.

  • The two-year Master's program comprises 120 ECTS
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • It is a web-based advanced graduate degree program educating media professionals in visual and media anthropology
  • Additionally to the E-learning classes, we do offer in-house-classes in blocks (2 weeks twice a year).
  • The program is highly international. Students are coming from all continents and 50 different countries
  • Since its inception (winter semester 2008/2009), the program has a successfully high rate of applicants
  • The program immatriculates between 20 and 30 students every year


  • Ethnologie, FU Berlin, Master, Visual Anthropology, Visuelle Anthropologie, Dokumentarfilm, Undine Frömming, Laura Gerber, Ute Luig
SFB 1171 Affective Societies
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture