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Emilija Gagrčin M. A.


Weizenbaum-Institut für die vernetzte Gesellschaft

Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft

Forschungsgruppe 13 "Digital Citizenship"

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Forschungsgruppe 13 "Digital Citizenship"

Hardenbergstraße 32
10623 Berlin


Gagrcin, E. (2016). In Front Of Europe’s Door: Metaphors Of European Union In The Serbian Political Magazine Nedeljne Informativne Novine, in: Andrea Ratkovic (ed.), Percepcije drugog kao drugacijeg, Centar za afirmaciju slobodne misli, Srem. Karlovci.

SHARE Foundation (2016). Analysis of the online media and social media networks during the 2016 parliamentary elections in Serbia. Retrievable from: http://bit.ly/2dPgQ30 (17.06.2019)

Conference Presentations

Gagrčin, E., Porten-Cheé, P. (accepted). Informed Citizenship Meets Information Disorder: Ideals and Practices in Different Information Environments. 71st ICA Annual Conference.

Gagrčin, E. (accepted). “Not to be forgotten, not to be repeated”: Lessons for the nation from 20 years of anniversary journalism on the NATO bombing of Serbia. Conference Communicating Memory Matters: Next Steps in the Study of Media Remembering and Communicative Commemoration.

Gagrčin, E., Porten-Cheé, P., Leißner, L., Emmer, M., Jørring, L. (2020). Checking, Contributing, Intervening: Social Media Use and the Emergence of New Citizenship Norms. 70th ICA Annual Conference. May 20-27, Virtual Conference.

Porten-Cheé, P., Jørring, L., Valentim, A., Leißner, L., & Emmer, M., & Gagrčin, E. (2019). Social media shaping good citizens: Citizenship norms and their consequences on political participation among heavy social media users. Social Media & Society Conference. July 19-21, Toronto.

Gagrčin, E. (2016). In Front of Europe’s Door: Metaphors of European Union in The Serbian Political Magazine Nedeljne Informativne Novine. Karlovački dan slobodne misli, June 3-5, Sremski Karlovci.

Invited Talks

AI Governance: Spaces & Standards. A view from the Joint Council on Youth. Seminar Artificial Intelligence: How Can Youth Take Part?, Council of Europe, 24 November 2020, online.

European Convention on Human Rights: Young People and Active Citizenship. Commemoration event “European Convention on Human Rights – 70 years of advancing human rights”, EU-CoE Partnership & Rectorate of the University of Belgrade. 4 November 2020, online.

Demokratische Kultur für das digitale Zeitalter (Democratic Culture for the Digital Age). Symposium on the German Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (November 2020 to May 2021). Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik - German Institute for International and Security Affairs. 28 September 2020, Berlin.

Normalization of big data narratives and ways forward for the youth sector – Closing remarks. Consultative Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and Youth Work, Council of Europe. 6 December 2019, Strasbourg.

Youth work as a foundation of active citizenship in Europe - Opening speech. Edu4Europe: Forum on Education for European democratic citizenship, EU-CoE youth partnership. 19 November 2019, Strasbourg.