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Socio-economic assessment report

Socio-economic assessment report. Executive Summary

Socio-economic assessment report. Executive Summary

Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria / Spitzbart, Christina – 2010

In the recent past the urgent need for combating climate change has triggered both design and implementation of a large number of policies, programmes and activities in the European Union. The CONCERTO initiative established in 2005 by the European Commission can be considered as a driving force towards sustainable community development. During its creation, the defining concepts were sustainability, replication and cost effectiveness, and the project aimed at revolutionising and modernising communities’ energy systems. With an initial network of 27 cities, the CONCERTO concept ignited, and five years later 58 cities in 23 countries across Europe are demonstrating and over 70 associated communities benefit from the growing stock of knowledge. The Socio-economic Assessment Report provides an appraisal of the “soft” measures flanking the technical realisations of the first generation CONCERTO projects and offers a preliminary assessment of the socio-economic impact in the various communities. The evaluation addresses the quality, social impacts and added value of the energy services provided by the first generation CONCERTO projects in 26 communities. The assessment relies on a dedicated tool developed for this purpose for evaluating the societal and economic effect of the CONCERTO technologies and activities.

Socio-economic assessment report
Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria / Spitzbart, Christina
ISBN 987-3-9503080-6-8
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Concerto Reports, Austrian Institute of Technology