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Dr. Sang-Min Han

Global Climate Change and Local Environmental Governance: Development of Local Climate Policies toward Sustainable Communities and the Multilevel Governance of Climate Change in Berlin and Seoul


Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs



The problem of climate change has been dealt with as a serious global issue in the international community, and is something which affects and threatens all of the countries in the world. The conventional assumption was that the threat of climate change could only be handled through national governments and international institutions like the United Nations and the European Union. However, local governments have been emerging as critical actors in climate change governance over the recent decade. In particular, the importance of metropolitan city governments and their international cooperation has been significantly growing, enabling them to tackle this urgent global issue beyond countries’ national boundaries.

This PhD dissertation aims to examine the development of local climate policies toward sustainable communities and the multilevel governance of climate change in Berlin and Seoul. It will explore how and to what extent these two world metropolitan cities are moving into the third environmental epoch by developing their local climate policies toward sustainable communities in major policy areas such as buildings and transport. More importantly, with comparative case studies of Berlin and Seoul, it will prove why multilevel governance has played an important role in helping the local governments of both cities strengthen local climate action and create sustainable communities now and in the future. 

Research Focus:

  • Global Climate Change and Local Environmental Governance
  • Cites, Climate Change and Multilevel Governance
  • Climate Change and Comparative Politics
  • Urban Development Plan and Local Climate Action (e.g. Buildings and Transport)
  • Transnational Municipal Networks (TMNs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)