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Pauline Riousset

Riousset, Pauline

Determinants of the impact of scientific evidence on public policies. A focus on computer models in agro-environmental policy-making

Betreuer / supervisor

Dr. Klaus Jacob



For decades, thousands of scientific articles have proposed recommendations to reduce the impact of agricultural practices on the environment. However, how many of them have really impacted public policies? The gap between science and policy making and the lack of integration of science to policies have been the focal point of many research projects in political science, policy analysis and science and technology studies.

This research proposes to take the opposite entry point. It will start from the knowledge successfully integrated to policies in order to identify the keys to penetration of scientific evidence into the policy process. Agro-environmental policies are representative of issues where the stakes are high, the problems complex and the interdisciplinarity mandatory, which makes the integration of robust evidence both crucial and tortuous.

Through the analysis of various policy case studies in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, we will compare the role of agro-environmental computer models in policy-making to identify what model variables (i.e. scale, discipline, approach, assumptions), policy variables (i.e. heat of the debate, range of actors affected) and institutional variables (i.e. subnational constraints, prior legal and political engagements, procedures) determine how knowledge impacts policy making.



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