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German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue

Sustainable development and climate protection rank highly on the political agendas in both Germany and India. As an emerging world power, India is becoming an important partner in critical areas such as climate protection, renewable energy and the increase of energy efficiency.

The "German/Indian Climate Change Dialogue - Students Exchange Program" has been facilitating the exchange of German and Indian students since 2009. By undertaking studies at the partner institutions  students can deepen their knowledge and skills in environmental governance and climate protection in Europe and India. They can perform internships, attend classes or work on research projects. The program receives funding from the DAAD, Erasmus plus and PROMOS. 

A related program is the "Indian-European Multi-level Governance Climate Governance Research Network" (IECGN) - you can visit the website here: http://www.indiaeu-climategovernance.org/

For any questions about either project, please contact Kirsten Jörgensenkirsten.joergensen@fu-berlin.de.

Please find below a list of former exchange and research students. 

Pallavi Sharma

Project title: Assessing urban vulnerability towards climate change by critically assessing policy discrepancies

Pallavi Sharma