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Thinkpiece zu 'Masculine Nations, Female Personifications – The Gendered Imagery of Nationalism' von Johanna Heß und Tobias Klee

News vom 08.12.2021

Johanna Heß hat gemeinsam mit Tobias Klee ein thinkpiece zu Masculine Nations, Female Personifications – The Gendered Imagery of Nationalism im Rahmen von SCRIPTS veröffentlicht.

Feminist scholars have long identified the masculine nature of nation-states. Nevertheless, portrayals of the nation often depict it as female. We examine this phenomenon of masculine dominance and female personifications. To this end, we explore the ties of the modern nation-state to European imperialism, and its dependence on the connection of race and gender to justify white patriarchal hierarchies. We also investigate the use of familial images to tie the nation to a territory. This leads us to the conclusion that the images of fictional women used to personify the nation are another aspect of the masculine nature of (liberal) nations.

Den vollen Beitrag finden Sie hier.

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