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Legislative Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa (LISSA)

The Legislative Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa (LISSA) project is a collaboration of researchers from different institutions in Africa and Europe, sharing a particular interest in the inner life of the continent's legislatures. Given the lack of comparative data, this questionnaire seeks to map variation in the internal organization and external relations of forty-one national legislatures on the African continent, aiming to develop an enhanced understanding of how individual legislatures organize their business, which resources they have at their disposal and if and how this varies across countries. The intention is to create a comprehensive dataset containing information on relevant features of many of the continent's legislatures which will be made publicly available. LISSA is funded by the University of Konstanz, Germany. For further information, you may contact the Principal Investigator (PI), Prof. Dr. Anja Osei, from Otto-Suhr-Institut of the Freie Universität Berlin.