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Liberalization of Turkish gas market - Challenges and Opportunities for gas transit regime

Betreuer / supervisors

PD Dr. Lutz Mez


European gas markets experienced a profound transformation in the last decade. EU initiated market liberalization triggered various transposition patterns for EU wide policies in different EU member states. Turkish gas market, in EU accession process, committed to an even more ambitious liberalization process of its own. With the rising concerns for security of gas supply in the European Union and quest for access to alternative gas resources opened a new window for Turkey. Thanks to geographical proximity to non-conventional gas resources for Europe, long claimed "energy bridge" aspiration transformed itself to a project for becoming a "gas hub". Before appearing as a gas hub, a valid positioning for transit prospects is to be guaranteed. The list of challenges here calls for a detailed SWOT analysis of Turkey, with regard to its potential and hurdles to fulfil the criteria for a functioning transit system and appear as a reliable outreach to Middle Eastern and Caspian resources.