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Maximilian Kuhn

Maximilian Kuhn

Die Zukunftsfähigkeit für iranische Erdgasexporte im multipolaren Wettkampf um Energieversorgungssicherheit und Geopolitik

Betreuer / supervisors

PD Dr. Lutz Mez



The Destiny of Iranian Energy relations in a tripolar struggle over Energy Security and Geopolitics


In the midst of a challenging political landscape, energy has acquired vast significance. It plays a pivotal role for the global economy and in world affairs. Energy fuels industry, powers cities and is required for the transportation of goods and people. There is a mounting requirement for additional energy resources and for a higher energy efficiency to satisfy anticipated international demands. Simultaneously, with the rising demand in rapidly developing in Countries such as China and India, and the continued high demand from industrialized nations in the west, competition for energy resources has intensified and the challenge for the major industrial powers in the “Great Game” over energy supplies has never been so intense. As a result, energy security has taken lead in European administration priority, as the government grapples with ways in which energy security policy may complement and support its economic and foreign policy goals. Therefore, EUrope must ensure that its economy has access to energy on terms and conditions that support economic growth and prosperity, while allowing its national States to pursue foreign policy and national security interests without being constrained by energy concerns. Thus, the EU is trying to fulfill the quest of the future sustainable development paradigm. This will necessitate the country to diversify its natural gas imports and seek cooperation with its energy abundant neighbors, like Iran. This results in highly delicate implications for transatlantic and European relations. In this regard, energy politics towards Iran in the context of the relations between transatlantic and European relations become a highly sensitive diplomatic issue as different objectives drive foreign policy goals and other perceptions of the political development lead to different assumptions. The main goal of this research will be to identify the different interests involved behind European’s energy policy towards Iran and the associated foreign policies pertaining from U.S.-Iranian relations.