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Dr. Tendai Chitewere


Dr. Tendai Chitewere is an associate professor of geography & environment
at San Francisco State University. She is broadly interested in the
intersection of environmentalism, community, and justice. Her focus on
individual, neighborhood, and government responses to social and
environmental degradation builds on her research of ecological cohousing
communities. Using political ecology to examine the relationship between
being green and being just, her work examines sustainable communities
(ecovillages, transitions towns, cohousing, and other alternative ways to
balance social and environmental connections), but also the impact of green
consumerism as a means to affect environmental change and green lifestyles.
Using qualitative and quantitative research design that supports
participatory community-based research, she merges political ecological
theory with environmental justice activism. She is currently writing an
ethnography of ecovillages in western contexts, focusing on the United
States. While at the Freie Universität's Environmental Policy Research
Centre, her research considers the social, economic, and political contexts
of European sustainable communities, specifically in Germany.