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Huiming Li

Gastwissenschaftler Okt 2009 bis Sept 2010

Visiting PhD candidate under Joint PhD Programme from October 2009 to September 2010

Description of PhD Project: Global climate change has become one of the most serious challenge humankind ever confront over 21st century. Developing low-carbon economy has become the inevitable choice for humankind. The European economy faces a challenge in adapting to the demands of a low-carbon economy with secure energy supplies. But the challenge can be met, and it also opens the door to new opportunities. There is a real potential to make climate-friendly policies a major driver for growth and jobs in EU. EU can show that necessary change can go hand in hand with the process of securing a competitive and prosperous economy fit for the 21st century. The climate policy and climate governance in the EU can be seen as one strategy of ecological modernization. The strategy of Ecological modernization influences the EU's cognition on the issue of Global Climate Change. The more proactive the EU's climate policies are, the more competitive the EU's economy will be. Under such circumstances, the EU takes proactive position in the international climate negations and plays leadership role in the global climate governance.