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Stefan Cetkovic

Do policy networks matter? The analysis of Environmental policy integration in the agriculture and energy sector in Serbia

Betreuer / supervisors

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs  


Most of research on Environmental policy integration (EPI) so far have taken a hierarchical, "top-down" approach focusing on organizational and procedural policy instruments that governmental sectors employ to promote integration of environmental concerns in their activities. However, not much has been said about the role of different stakeholder actors and their positioning within policy networks as important determinants of the success of EPI. Furthermore, the in-depth empirical analyses of EPI on the national policy level have been rather limited. Against this background, the proposed doctoral research aims to fill the theoretical gap and advance the understanding of the political context in which environmental concerns get integrated into sectoral policies by conducting a cross-sectoral analysis of EPI in Serbia. Drawing on the governance theory and the policy network approach in particular, the study has a primary objective to provide empirical research findings on the constellation of policy networks in the agriculture and energy sector in Serbia, their evolvement under the pressure of the EU, and impact that this has had on the EPI performance.