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The Politics of Social Inequalities


Dozent/inChristoph Nguyen
Beginn20.04.2020 | 16:00

Mo 16-18

The seminar focuses on the link between social inequalities (most importantly, in terms of social class, education, and gender) and political mobilization in contemporary European societies. Specifically, the students will get to know scholarly work on long-term trends in social inequalities, perceptions of inequalities and their structuring effects on political participation. To what extent and why are social inequalities perceived as unfair? To what extent and why are they ‘translated’ into unequal rates of participation and what modes of participation (ranging from electoral participation via protest to political consumerism) are related to what kind of inequalities? Apart from discussing the relevant literature, the students will also get to know the analytical tools needed to study these questions. Using available datasets, students will be able to develop basic quantitative research skills and use them to explore course-relevant questions. No prior experience with statistical methodology is expected or required.

SFB 700