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Private Pension

Private Pensions and Social Inclusion in Europe
A Study of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
A research project funded by the European Union

Private Pensions are widely regarded to be one of the appropiate ways to address the problems of the demographic change. While steps have been taken across Europe to support the expansion of the private sector, knowledge about its social inclusiveness is insufficient. The project therefore involves an empirical comparative study of private provision for typical "risk biographies" and will be undertaken in close collaboration with experts from the national and European pension policy networks. On the basis of this comparative and collaborative approach, technically and politically feasible reform proposals will be developed that can improve protection for citizens at risk. Thus, evidence-based policy recommendations will be the final result to the research process, an outcome which will help to close a knowledge gap in pension politics.

The project is funded by the Commission of the European Union and was launched in January 2003.

  • Great Britain: University of Southampton, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Traute Meyer

  • Italy: National Research Council of Italy: Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione e le Politiche Sociale, Sandro Turcio

  • The Netherlands: University of Twente: Department of Sociology, Bert de Vroom

  • Switzerland: University of Fribourg: Chaire de Travail Social, Giuliano Bonoli

  • Poland: Cracow University of Economics: Department of Public Economy and Administration, Marek Benio


Contact at the Freie Universität Berlin:

Michaela Willert

Intermediate results and materials: