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How many ECTS credits can I obtain in the various courses?

The number of ECTS points obtained at the OSI differs according to the type of seminar you choose and the type of assignment you complete.

If you complete an introductory seminar (“Proseminar” (PS)), a project seminar ("Projektkurs" (PK)), an advanced seminar (“Hauptseminar” (HS)) or a lecture (“Vorlesung” (V)) with a certificate of participation (“Teilnahmeschein”) you will receive 3 ECTS for each. A Teilnahmeschein requires regular participation and preparatory reading, but no written exam or research paper. Teilnahmescheine are not graded.

Moreover, if you complete the mentioned types of courses with a certificate of achievement (“Leistungsschein”) you will be awarded with 7 ECTS for each. Besides regular participation in class a Leistungsschein requires writing an exam or a research paper. Leistungsscheine are graded.

Please note that it is you who decides whether you would like to complete a "Teilnahmeschein" ( 3 ECTS) or a "Leistungsschein" (7 ECTS).

For career-oriented seminars (“Berufsfeldseminare” (BS)) you get 5 ECTS.

If you attend courses at other FU institutions, e.g. language courses, you receive the number of ECTS points determined by the other institution. If you wish to know the number of ECTS points awarded for classes taken outside the OSI, please contact the ERASMUS coordinators of the respective departments or institutes.

The ECTS awarded for German-language courses depend on the number of lessons you have taken per week and per semester (“Semesterwochenstunden (SWS)”) and are also determined by the Srachenzentrum (FU language center).

Please note that no extra credit points will be awarded for extra work.

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