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What is a Learning Agreement, who do I send it to and how do I will out the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)?

The Learning Agreement is a contract (study contract) between an exchange student, the sending university and the receiving university. Your home university (sending university) is supposed to provide you with the Learning Agreement form and more details.

The receiving university's coordinator agrees (preliminarily) to the student's choice of courses prior to her* or his* arrival in Berlin on the Learning Agreement, ensuring that should these courses be available and offer spots, the student can attend. After, the sending university confirms that this study programme is in line with the requirements of their own study programs and that courses can be successfully integrated into the student's study plan.

Important: Your graduation requirements at the sending (home) university have top priority. Please check with your Erasmus-coordinators before you leave for Berlin what terms and conditions apply! You are solely responsible for meeting your home university's requirements!

Please also clarify deadlines and other relevant aspects on all parts.

Requiring our signature, please make sure to forward your Learning Agreement to: osi-erasmus@polsoz.fu-berlin.de and fill in the correct contact information. More information here.

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