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Which types of courses are held at the OSI?

The OSI offers different kind of courses.

One type of course is the lecture (“Vorlesung (V)”), which provides you with an introductory overview of the respective study area. Generally, the assignment you have to complete to receive a certificate of achievement (“Leistungsschein”) in this type of course is a written exam. There is also the tutorial (“Tutorium (T)”) and the exercise (“Übungen (Ü”), which are held to provide you with further information about the subject of the lecture and give you the possibility to ask questions on the topic. They may be valuable to you, even if no ECTS are awarded for them.

Another form of courses is the seminar (“Seminar (S)”). There are three different kinds of seminars available at the OSI. In general, they treat specific subjects more in depth than lectures. In these types of courses your participation, your questions and taking part in discussions will add to the functioning of the seminar. There are introductory seminars (“Proseminare (PS)”) and advanced seminars (“Hauptseminare (HS)”), as well as core advanced seminars (“Kernhauptseminare (K-HS)”). Besides these seminars the OSI also offers introductory seminars/techniques of scientific work (“Proseminare/Techniken des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens (PS/TWA”) and career-oriented seminars (“Berufsfeldorientierte Seminare(BS)”).

Introductory seminars (PS) are suitable for undergraduate students (up to about the fourth semester), while the advanced seminars (HS) are only available for students in students at the end of their Bachelor course or Master students. The core advanced seminars (K-HS) are the basic seminars, belonging to the advanced seminars (HS) of the Master programme. They all give you an overview over a certain field of study. Introductory seminars/techniques of scientific work (PS/TWA) are held for first year students only and may not be attended by advanced students. Career-oriented seminars (BS) provide you with information about possible careers and prepare you for your future work.

All courses are held weekly and every session lasts two lessons (“Semesterwochenstunden” (SWS)), which are 90 minutes.

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