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Rotem Leshem


The Unit of Culture Research, the School of Cultural Studies, Tel-Aviv University

visiting scholar (1 April 2018 – 20 July 2018)

Personal life

Since 2014: PhD candidate in the Porter school of Cultural Studies at Tel-Aviv University, Supervisor: Prof. Rakefet Sela-Sheffy

2014-2017: Initiator and leader of an interdisciplinary discussion group for PhD students on Emotion Research, Tel-Aviv University

2013-2014: Instructor, "Emotion, Identity, Interaction", Tel-Aviv University

Since 2013: Instructor, "Introduction to Culture Research", Tel-Aviv University

2013: MA in Culture Research, Tel-Aviv University

2010-2013: Research Assistant, "The Great Virtues of Anger Control" (an interdisciplinary Brain-Culture research), Tel-Aviv University

2009: BA in Communication, Sapir Academic College


Major Fields

Qualitative Emotion Research

Qualitative Family Studies

Discourse Analysis

Sela-Sheffy, Rakefet and Rotem Leshem 2016. "Emotion-identity talk in aggressive interactions and in reflexive accounts." Culture & Psychology 22(3): 448-466.

Leshem, Rotem and Rakefet Sela-Sheffy 2016. Emotion-identity management through talk: Anger talk in young Israeli men's accounts on a negative experience, In Identity in Communicative contexts. K. Ciepiela. Frnkfurt am Main, Bern, Bruxelles, NY, Warszawa, Peter Lang: 81-98.