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Marie Sautier


Université de Lausanne

April 24 - May 5, 2023


marie.sautier[a]unil.ch or marie.sautier[a]sciencespo.fr

International visiting scholar March/April23


Marie Sautier is a SNF-LIVES researcher, PhD Candidate, at the Institute for Social Sciences, Lausanne University (Switzerland), and at the Centre for the Sociology of Organizations, Sciences Po Paris, CNRS (France). Her ongoing research focuses on recruitment practices and the internationalization of academic careers. She took part in the Garcia EU project “Gendering the academy and research: combating career instability and asymmetries” and has published on gender inequalities in sciences, career trajectories, equality policies, and the intersection of mobility, gender, and precariousness in academia. Her research stay at the Freie University of Berlin (April/May 2023) is funded by the Swiss National Foundation and the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Life Course Research.

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