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Prof. Dr. Marc Swyngedouw



Garystr. 55
Raum 318
14195 Berlin

Marc Swyngedouw is a full professor in Political Sociology and Methodology at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven (BE) where he is currently the director of the Institute of Social and Political Opinion research (ISPO). His research and teaching regard quantitative and qualitative methodology, ethnic minorities, political sociology, urban sociology and public opinion. He is the principal investigator for the Belgian National Election Studies since 1991 and organized the exit polls for the Flemish-Belgian public broadcaster. He received different academic honors and awards, e.g. the J. Van Den Heuvel Award and the National Francqui Chair 2002-2003. He has published widely on Belgian politics, extreme right parties, ethnic minorities, integration, Euroscepticism, social science methodology and political sociology. His work was published in international peer reviewed journals and with international reputed editing houses. His recent research projects focus on the effect of globalization, individualization and modernization on the transformation of left–right cleavage. He is frequently asked by different foreign universities and institutions to act as an expert (e.g. ERC- Advanced Grants Review Committee) and has held positions as visiting professor and visiting research fellow at universities all over the world (e.g. Nuffield College Oxford; New York University; Science Po Paris; Science Po Lille; Waseda Tokio, City University New York – GC).

While in Berlin, he will be working at a project entitled “Can the political center hold? Three decades of societal transformation and ideological reconfiguration in Belgium and in Germany”. It is situated in the research theme “The redesigned political ideological space: socio-economic and urban transformation processes, glocalization, transforming welfare state provisions and (re)new(ed) cleavages”.

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