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Workshop: Contentious Interactions: Frontiers in Protest Research

28-29 Oktober 2021 | Zentrum für Zivilgesellschaftsforschung

News vom 01.10.2021

This workshop will bring together scholars working on protest dynamics from Europe, the United States and elsewhere. The aim is to take stock of current developments in three fields: the dynamics of protest and electoral politics; protest and networks of grassroots mobilization; radicalization in protest on- and offline. In addition to presentations on these topics, the workshop will feature a keynote speech by Theda Skocpol (Harvard University) and a concluding roundtable.

Program (PDF)

Note that this is a hybrid event (offline/online). All interested parties are welcome to attend! To follow individual presentations, the keynote speech, and the roundtable via Zoom please register here https://events.wzb.eu/protestresearch/


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