ongoing dissertations

Last updated: Dez 2013

Christopher Kaan

How does Legitimacy Affect the Effectiveness of Transnational Public-Private Partnerships?

Alejandro Esguerra Portocarrero

Epistemic Spaces: The Practice of Knowledge-Generation in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Nicole Helmerich

Effectiveness of Transnational Private Regulation Initiatives

Pia Fuhrhop

Alliance Politics under Unipolarity - Managing the Hegemon

Holly Oberle

Developing a feminist understanding of democratic politics, particularly the democratic peace

Uwe Gneiting

Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights in Guatemala

Joseph Lengmang

Transformation of War Economies: Forging a Multistakeholder Partnership for Building a Political Economy of Peace in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Tobias Bunde

The Challenge of NATO's Contested Globalization. Constructivism, Collective Identity and Collective Action

Gil Murciano

The influence of honor on both the Arab and the Israeli strategic decision making process in international and domestic conflict situations

Wiebke Wemheuer

The Global Diffusion of IR Theory: Western hegemony or a case of local adaption and resistance

Mustafa Pulat

Turkish Foreign Policy

Ashley Gongaware

EU Human Rights Policy toward Roma

Dingnan Wang

EU and China policies toward Middle East

Paul Kohlenberg

Language Practices in Chinese Foreign Policy