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Public lecture (5.1.2017): Hartmut Rosa "Kritik der digitalen Resonanzverhältnisse."

News from Dec 09, 2016

Workshop "Inside Out: Affect(s) in Multi-Religious Secular Societies"

News from Oct 20, 2016

Job ad: DFG-Projekt „Risikopraktiken: Eine komparative Analyse von Finanzsektor und Politik“

News from Oct 18, 2016

Workshop "Transforming Emotion Cultures"

News from Sep 30, 2016

PhD supervision offer in Transformation Research

News from Sep 15, 2016

New Publication: "Unpacking Habitus"

News from Aug 22, 2016

New Publication: "Emotional Timeline of Unemployment"

News from Jul 18, 2016

Gesucht: Studentische Hilfskraft für Arbeitsbereich "Soziologie der Emotionen"

News from Sep 16, 2015

Gesucht: 1 Studentische Hilfskraft im TP C04, SFB "Affective Societies"

News from Jul 02, 2015

Gesucht: 2 Wiss. Mitarbeiter*innen im TP C04, SFB "Affective Societies"

News from Jun 16, 2015

New Collaborative Research Center „Affective Societies“

News from May 26, 2015

New topics for MA theses

News from Feb 04, 2015

CfP: Collective Emotions in Social Dynamics

News from Jan 25, 2015

New visitor to the group: Ruiting Shi (Jiangsu University)

News from Oct 08, 2014

New visitor to the group: Frederic Minner (CISA Geneva)

News from Oct 08, 2014

New publication: The Blame Game

News from Oct 08, 2014

New study in PNAS: "Consensus and stratification in the affective meaning of human sociality"

News from May 20, 2014

OUPblog: Collective emotions and the European crisis

News from May 14, 2014

Public Lecture, 27.05.2014, Jose-Manuel Baretto, Emotions, Human Rights and the Colonised

News from May 12, 2014

Publication: Collective Emotions

News from Feb 06, 2014