Sociology and Sociology of Emotions

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Invitation to SFB International Conference 2017
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DirectorProf. Dr. Christian von Scheve

Upcoming event: SFB Frühjahrskonferenz 2017 | Public Spheres of Resonance: Constellations of Affect and Language. For more information, please see here

The Research Group Sociology with an emphasis on the Sociology of Emotion investigates affect and emotion in contemporary societies. On the one hand, we are asking how social inequality, stratification, and cultural difference can be conceived of as affective dimensions of sociality and how they are linked to the experience of different emotions. Moreover, the Research Group studies the ways in which discourse and practices shape emotions and their intersubjective meaning and how they impact actors and their affective self- and world-relatedness. On the other hand, we are interested in how affect and emotion become relevant in social interaction and how they inform social action in different sites of the social, for example in politics, the economy, or technology. The Research Group draws on a broad variety of methodological approaches, including interpretive social research, surveys, and experiments.