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The Research Area Medical Anthropology I Global Health is linked to a number of activities and networks in the field of medical anthropology in the German-speaking countries as well as internationally. A student-led workshop in Berlin in 1996 led to the initiation of the Working Group Medical Anthropology within the German Anthropological Association. Today, this network has over 85 members in German-speaking countries. The Working Group has contributed to the foundation of the Medical Anthropology Network within the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) in 2005. Furthermore, members of the Research Area Medical Anthropology at Freie Universität have been co-coordinators of the Medical Anthropology Young Scholars Network (MAYS) since its foundation in 2009.

 The Institute hosts an active network of medical anthropologists, including PhD students and Postdoc researchers (partially externally funded). The members of the Research Area are also involved in teaching at the Institute as part of the specialization in medical anthropology within the MA Program Social and Cultural Anthropology. Furthermore, we take part in organizing and chairing national and international conferences and workshops. The Research Area also serves as a platform for collaboration and exchange for visiting M.A./PhD students and researchers in the field of medical anthropology. Last but not least, the researchers based at the Institute engage in collaborations beyond disciplinary and academic borders and have established several interdisciplinary and applied research projects.

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