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Jochen Spangenberg M.A.

Jochen Spangenberg

Communication Policy / Media Economics


a.o. Deutsche Welle, Berlin/Bonn

In the past semesters, Jochen Spangenberg has offered various seminars on the subject of international media and television, among others:

  • Summer semester 1998: Master's seminar "BBC Broadcasting and Broadcasting in Britain
  • Summer semester 2004: Master's seminar "Online Strategies and Concepts
  • Summer semester 2010: Master's seminar "International Media Systems - A Comparison
  • Summer semester 2011: Master's seminar "International Broadcasting" (together with Linda Rath-Wiggins)
  • Summer semester 2012: Master's seminar "Public Service Broadcasting in the Digital Age".
  • Summer semester 2013: Master's seminar "International Media"
  • Summer semester 2014: Master's seminar "Social Media Economics and Strategies" (together with Linda Rath-Wiggins)
  • Summer semester 2015: Master's seminar "Social Media: Biz and Buzz"
  • Summer semester 2016: Master's seminar "Innovations in News. Strategies, developments and economic implications"
  • Summer semester 2018: Master's seminar "Social Media Content and News".
  • Summer semester 2021: Master's seminar "The truth about disinformation - and how to counter it"
  • Summer semester 2023: Master seminar "Disinformation and verification: various perspectives"

Here you can find a full list of publications and an overview to presentations here.