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Dr. phil.habil. Tilo Grätz

Researcher in the project:Participatory and Hybrid Media in West Africa: A Case Study on Call-In Radio Shows in Benin

Otto-von-Simson-Straße 3
Room 104
14195 Berlin

I teach in the fields of Media Studies, Media Anthropology, Political
Anthropology, Anthropology of Migration, Technologies, Risk and Security, Memory
Studies, social relations and cultural change.

Below are some examples of previous courses.

Media Anthropology – Introduction

Medien und Minoritäten

Technologische Umwelten, Infrastrukturen und soziokultureller Wandel

Anthropologie Öffentlicher Sicherheit

Erinnerung und Politik

Current Projects:

Participatory and Hybrid Media in West Africa: A Case Study on Call-In Radio Shows in Benin

The research project examines current changes in communication practices and the political culture in West Africa, illustrated by case studies analysing interactive-participatory radio shows on social problems in the Republic of Benin. The project focusses on frequent participants to these programs, the so-called grogneurs. Their position within new information cycles, their communicative practices and relationship to journalists, politicians and other media users will be particiularly examined.

Read more: First Findings

Further information about current and previous projects: blogs.fu-berlin.de/tilograetz/

Previous Projects:

The Social and Cultural Context of Small-scale Gold-mining in West Africa Today

Research Period: 1999-2004
The project addressed the social and cultural context of small-scale gold-mining in areas of immigration in West Africa today. Case studies in Benin, Mali, Ghana and Burkina Faso were chosen as empirical background. The project focused on the relationship of immigrants and local inhabitants in these frontier societies between modes of integration and separation, the emergence of social norms and practices concerning the access to resources, organisation of labour, ways of settlement and conflict resolution. Furthermore, social and cultural elements of identity processes (concerning young gold-miners), local politics (inside the local power field and in relation to the state) and aspects of risk management of gold-miners were analysed.

Further information: blogs.fu-berlin.de/tilograetz/

A list of publications can be found here.