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Comparing Media beyond the Nation State - A German-Russian Workshop on Diversity, Migration and Journalism

News from Apr 30, 2015

Date: 6 May 2015

Time: 9.30 to 18.00

Venue: Freie Universität Berlin, Institute Institute for Media and Communication Studies, Garystr. 55, Conference Room 55-c, 14195 Berlin

Comparing Media beyond the Nation State (2015)

The dominance of the nation state as a frame of reference for media research is currently being contested. Global communication flows, the spread of mobile and networked media, and the faltering boundaries between personal and public communication online are all contributing to an enhanced awareness of the problematic national frame that has historically and analytically shaped media research in the 20th century. At the same time, migration of people across borders and cultures is becoming a far more wide-spread phenomenon which contributes to new calls for acknowledging diversity as a key concept of understanding societies beyond national identities.

This one-day workshop will address comparative frameworks, theoretical approaches and case-based analyses of media and migration in relation to journalism and media change. The workshop is jointly organized by researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and State University St. Petersburg.

Admission is free of charge. Please just write a short email to Dr. Christoph Raetzsch (christoph.raetzsch@fu-berlin.de) if you would like to participate. For general inquiries, please contact Prof. Margreth Lünenborg (margreth.luenenborg@fu-berlin.de).


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