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Johanna Burger M.A.

Johanna Burger

Division Communication Policy / Media Economics

Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Department of Political and Social Sciences

PhD Candidate

Johanna Burger's dissertation deals with local media coverage in Switzerland and its connection with voter turnout at the municipal level.

Academic career:

08.2007-07.2013: Gymnasium Glarus (High school). Main subject: Latin. Additional subject: Computer science

09.2013-07.2016: Bachelor's degree at the University of Zurich. Major: Journalism and Communication Minor: Political Science

09.2016-01.2021: Master's degree at the University of Zurich, Monomaster: Political Science with focus on "Swiss Politics.

Since 10.2021: Project staff member/Doctoral student SNF at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden.

Since 10.2021: Lecturer/PhD student at the Free University of Berlin

Since 07.2022: President of the Program Commission SRG Ostschweiz


Since 07.2016: Member of the Program Commission SRG Ostschweiz

Since 09.2020: Member of the Board SRG Ostschweiz

Since 04.2021: Vice-President of the Association for Urban Culture Graubünden

Secondary employment:

Freelance journalist at Somedia AG

Summer semester 23:

28846: News deserts - Forschung (News deserts - research)

Winter semester 21/22:

28621: Akteure der Lokalkommunikation und ihre Leistungen (Local communication actors and their services)

Summer semester 22:

28554: Strukturen der Lokalkommunikation (Local communication structures)


2.11.2018: How to reach the young audience? Interviews with Public Service Media officials in Switzerland before and after the attack on the license fee («no billag») an der ECREA 2018 in Lugano (CH) zusammen mit Dr. Corinne Schweizer

04.04.2019: Das junge Publikum erreichen – aber wie? Die Sicht der SRG vor und nach No Billag an der SGKM 2019 in St. Gallen (CH) zusammen mit Dr. Corinne Schweizer