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Information about writing a final paper at the Division Communication Theory and Media Effects

All papers (seminar papers, bachelor/master theses) as well as presentations must comply with specific scientific rules layed out in the Institute's guidelines:

At Division of Communication Theory and Media Effects you can write your bachelor thesis under the guidance of the following team members:

Regular professors, visiting professors, and research associates with or without doctoral grant are able to grade your thesis (bachelor). Currently, this applies to the following team members:

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Pfetsch
  • Prof. Dr. Jeanette Hofmann
  • Prof. Dr. Dennis Steffan
  • Baoning Gong, M.A.

Master thesis titles of previous years (selection of theses in English):

  • National and global dimensions of climate change reporting: Lessons from UN climate change summits
  • State Intervention into Public Service Broadcasting: A comparative Study of Canada, Denmark and Russia
  • Construction of Global Society in Online Media of Germany and Russia
  • Digital Disaster Communication: Response Management on Twitter after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Media Representation of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency in Maltese and Austrian Newspaper Articles
  • Brokers of Europeanization? The case of the Spanish 15-M Movement in Berlin
  • Information Warfare Techniques: Qualitative Analysis of the Online New Coverrage on Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash
  • A shift in cultural and economic cleavages in German party politics? The development of Europanizing and nationalizing trends in a two-dimensional political spectrum
  • Right-wing populist discourse in Germany - An analysis of the AfD’s communication in election manifestos and on Facebook
  • Accelerationism and Right-Wing Terrorism on Telegramm - A Visual Analysis
  • Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny: Assessing the Influence of Candidate Character Evaluations on Vote Choice in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election
  • Election Campaign in the Time of Corona: Analysis of Trump's and Biden's Communication Strategies in TV Ads

Bachelor thesis titles of previous years (selection of theses in English):

  • Narrative Persuasion in Serious Games for Health
  • Americanization Trends in Political Communication: A cognitive perspective of German politicians and journalists
  • The US-American War Film as Supplement to the Information Function of the Mainstream Media
  • The Democratic Divide: How Do Sociographic and Personal Characteristics Influence Online Political Participation
  • Social bots in the Brexit conversation on Twitter - Automated communication as an agenda building strategy
  • Public Sphere, Populism, and the Pandemic. Right wing Populists in the Networked Covid-Counterpublic

For a list including theses in German, please visit the German version of this page.