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Baoning Gong, M.A.

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Weizenbaum Institute

Institute for Media and Communication Studies


Research Group "Dynamics of Digital Mobilization"

Hardenbergstr. 32
10623 Berlin

Baoning Gong completed her master's degree in media and political communication at the Free University of Berlin. As a research associate and doctoral student in the “Dynamics of Digital Mobilization” research group, she investigates the influence of platform functionalities on the mobilization of the extreme right.

In her dissertation, she analyzes the networks of right-wing extremist movements on various social media platforms and also examines fringe platforms that host more extreme communities. Furthermore, in other projects she devotes herself to analyzing the strategies of various groups of actors on the extreme right, such as parties and alternative media, as well as their interaction in an alternative information ecosystem. She uses both social network analysis and quantitative content analysis.

Memberships and features

  • Doctoral candidate speaker at the Weizenbaum Institute

  • Representative of the scientific staff on the Institute Council of the Weizenbaum Institute
  • Social media
  • Comparative research
  • Networks
  • Right-wing extremism

Current publications can be found in the profile on the website of the Weizenbaum Institute.