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‘120 decibels’ Campaign: Transnational Hijacking of the 'MeToo' Narrative

News from Oct 19, 2020

Curd Knüpfer (Weizenbaum associate), Matthias Hoffmann, and Vadim Voskresenskii (researchers from Weizenbaum RG-15 'Digitalisation and the Transnational Public Sphere') investigated how the far-right "Identitarian Movement" initiated the transnational, digitally networked "120 decibels" campaign by latching onto the success of "MeToo" movement. The results of this study are published in the journal "Information, Communication and Society".

The analysis of this case study is based on the user-generated Twitter posts containing both the hashtags 'MeToo' and '120db' simultaneously. By exploring the geolocation and language characteristics of the collected tweets, the researchers showed how far-right actors sought to spread racist narratives and anti-immigrant sentiment on the transnational level by exploiting the popular hashtag 'MeToo'. The results of the study present a new form of transnational networking activities by proponents of far-right ideologies and highlights new ways in which these actors interact with and try to undermine a progressive agenda.

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