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Research project accepted: CRC 1265 "Re-Figuration of Spaces" moves into second funding period

News from Dec 13, 2021

Good news for the team of our research project "Translocal Networks": The German Research Foundation (DFG) accepted the second funding period of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC/SFB) 1265 "Re-Figuration of Spaces", which encompasses funding for four more years (2022-2025).

Prof. Barbara Pfetsch and Daniela Stoltenberg will be part of the CRC with their sub-project "Contested Spaces and Climate Justice on Social Media". Their focus will be digital communication in spatial conflicts resulting from climate change. Four case studies will be conducted, researching translocal digital communication at climate protests in Brazil's rainforests, at pipeline developments in the US, a wind park in Israel, and the clearing of the Hambacher Forst woodland in Germany.

The project is set to collaborate closely with CRC mercator fellow Prof. Annie Waldherr (University of Vienna). Barbara Pfetsch, Annie Waldherr, Daniela Stoltenberg, and Alexa Keinert have already been part of the CRC 1265 during its first funding period. Their previous project analyzed connectivity and translocality of digital spaces, aiming to provide substantial findings on the "spacial turn" of public sphere research with numerous theoretical and empirical studies.

More information on the new funding period: Press release of TU Berlin

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