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Two doctoral students at the Institute receive Tiburtius Prizes

2023 Tirbutiuspreis

2023 Tirbutiuspreis
Image Credit: Antje Wolters

News from Dec 19, 2023

Dr. Zhu Yi and Dr. Daniela Stoltenberg were awarded with the Tiburtius Prize in December for their dissertations submitted to IfPuK. Every year, the State Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Berlin's universities award six prizes for the best dissertations in Berlin in a highly competitive selection process. The two theses were supervised by Professors Carola Richter and Bettina Gransow as well as Barbara Pfetsch and Annie Waldherr. In her dissertation, Zhu Yi dealt with questions of agenda-building in the specific media environment in China. Her dissertation is entitled: "Initiating Agenda-Building under Authoritarian Settings. The Public Debate on the Abolition of the "Re-education through Labor" (Lao-jiao) System in China (2010-2013)". Daniela Stoltenberg's dissertation "Issue Spatiality and Socio-Spatial Inequality: The Geographic Distribution of Visibility in Urban Public Spheres on Social Media" dealt with the negotiation of social protest in digital and urban space.

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