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Bachelor Program Computer Science and Media

The bachelor program B. Sc. Computer Science and Media is a program offered by the institute in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin and is taught in German language.

Within this bachelor program the Divisions Media Analysis/ Research Methods and Media Use Research offer two lectures within the module "Methodology: Theoretical Basics, Data Gathering and Statistics". The first lecture is normally held by Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer (Division Media Use Research) and the second lecture is normally held by Prof. Dr. Joachim Trebbe.

Module "Methodology: Theoretical Basics, Data Collection and Statistics"

Module "Methodology of Empirical Communication Research"

The students can normally choose between several seminars offered within this module.

The latest courses of the division can be found here.

Here you can find the study regulations of 2014 in German language. Please note that an amendment was published in 2015.