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Division Media Analysis / Research Methods - About us


On the one hand, our division is dedicated to analyzing the contents of modern mass media, especially television, internet, radio and print media. On the other hand, it is engaged in the teaching of basic, theoretical and methodological research in the field of empirical-analytical social and communication studies.

The focus of the division's research lies on the development, conceptualization and application of formal, structural and topical analysis of media content. In terms of the role of mass media in society, our research focuses on the integration processes for and by people with migration backgrounds. This research focus is also reflected in the courses offered by our team.

With regard to the division’s research focus, we concentrate on the training of empirical methods in order to gather and analyze statistical data. This includes the imparting of knowledge on data collection and evaluation as well as multivariate statistics. Especially – but not exclusively –  the offered master’s program provides deeper knowledge of empirical methods regarding multivariate models and analyses.

In this program, notable attention is paid to distinctive methods in communication studies such as surveys, experiments, and content analyses, which for example are used in reception and media research, as well as to modern methods of multivariate longitudinal analyses.