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Doctoral Projects

Urs Bellermann

Urs Bellermann works as a digital concept developer (self-employed) and is a doctoral candidate at the Division Media Use Research. His doctoral project analyzes the ideas of "audience", which users in dynamic online publics form of their unknown opposite.

Yidian Chen

My research focuses on e-government use in the Chinese-speaking world (mainly Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore).

My general interest lies in citizens´ online political participation.

Danna Li

In 1978, Chinese government has carried out the economic reform. With the development of economy, China has encountered the booming of information and communication technology from the mid-1990s. Statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center survey have showed the rapid development of Internet in terms of Internet users and online penetration in China. Compared with traditional media that allows only a few individuals ‘to speak out’, the Internet enables multidirectional communication. The decentralized nature of the Internet has the potential to allow Internet users to express their opinions, especially about politics.

Francis Monye

This thesis aims to critically and systematically analyse the real impacts of internet and mobile phone-use on the average citizens of Nigeria; and how that has affected their individual evaluation of the performance of their politicians and in general, the quality of the democratic dispensation currently obtainable in their country. The study will pay particular attention to the impacts of the internet on the most recently concluded 2015 presidential elections in that country.

Christian Strippel

Christian Strippel is a research associate and doctoral candidate at the Division Media Use Research. His research focuses on the convergence of television and the internet. For more information, please visit his profile.