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Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer vertrat das Institut beim Tag der Wissenschaften am Friedrich-Gymnasium in Luckenwalde am 17.02.2020

Herr Prof. Dr. Emmer beim Tag der Wissenschaften 2020

TdW Luckenwalde 2020
Image Credit: Friedrich-Gymnasium Luckenwalde

News from Jul 02, 2020

On February 17, 2020, Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer participated in the annual Day of Sciences at the grammar school Friedrich-Gymnasium in Luckenwalde. The Day of Sciences is an important event for the upper secondary school students when it comes to career orientation and the search of a suitable study program. It is not only a tradition for the school to organize the event, but also Prof. Emmer’s participation in it and often students from other grammar schools of the rural district are invited as well. Consequently, this year Prof. Emmer represented the Institute for Media and Communication Studies with a talk on the topic “What are ‘Social Media’ and how do they work?” In addition to an overview of the specific characteristics of platform-based social media, Prof. Emmer offered practical insights into the current research of the Division Media Use Research, for instance on the topic of hate speech in social media. The program was rounded up by a discussion with students on the challenges they and the society need to face by the use of these media facilities.


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