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Announcements for Early Career Researchers

On this web page we would like to share current information on any announcement that has been brought to our attention with you.

The Department of Political and Social Sciences have founded a research fund. Junior researchers in the department are invited to apply for co-funding of their research, decisions on the allocation of funds are drawn by the Dean's Office of the Department.

Further funds to support the mobility and/or further education of junior researchers have been transferred to the institutes of the department since the summer term 2022. The goal of this measure is to support the budget-financed academic staff (praedocs and postdocs) when they wish to attend conferences or participate in further training measures. Eligible for support are those academic staff members whose positions are at least 50% budget-financed. Employees in externally funded projects are excluded from support. Funds shall be allocated jointly by both the management and the junior researchers´ representatives of the respective institute.

In addition to that external institutions provide us with information on their announcements of funds, colloquia, grants or staff openings that may be of interest for the junior researchers in our department.

External Announcements

You will find information on announcements for Doctoral Grants on the web pages of the Gateway for Doctoral Candidates.

Minerva Scholarship Programme for Research Stays in Israel and Germany

The Minerva Scholarship Programme is the oldest of the existing programmes to promote German-Israeli cooperation. The funding of the programme by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research finally made it possible to include Israeli universities in the exchange programme.
Today, the Minerva Fellowship Program is open to scholars from all German and Israeli universities and non-university research institutions as well as from all disciplines.
Long-term scholarships:
Each year, around 40 fellowships are awarded to young researchers from Israel and Germany for a research stay at a host institution in the other country. Both doctoral students and
Postdocs can be supported. The funding period is usually six months to two years, for doctoral students up to a maximum of three years.
Application deadline: twice a year in January and June (deadlines are published on the homepage).
Short-term scholarships:
So-called Minerva Short Term Grants for stays between one week and one year
Eight weeks give young German and Israeli junior researchers the opportunity to make initial contact with partners in the host country. Participation in seminars and workshops is also possible.
Application deadline: twice a year in May and November (deadlines are published on the homepage).

Funding Options for Displaced Scholars

The Center for International Cooperation of the Freie Universität have compiled a list of funding opportinities for displaced scientists and scholars at risk that we would like to provide you with. Detailed information on the programmes will be available on the respective web sites.