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Early Career Support

Welcome to the Early Career Support of the Department of Political and Social Sciences!

We support the Early Career Researchers in our department during their doctoral procedures and post-doctoral procedures (Habilitation) and stand by to provide advice to both the candidates and the supervisors or commission members in all administrative aspects of the examination procedure. And we act as liaison to the Department´s Committees for Doctoral Examinations.

In addition to that we provide advice and information for Early Career Researchers with a view to ease the beginning of their scientific career. On our web sites we provide information on and links to current announcements, eg. invitations to apply for fonds, grants or awards and we can either offer advice on the acquisition of third party funds, range of suitable funding lines and application for grants or recommend a competent contact.

Furthermore the Early Career Support tries to render the scientific achievements of our Early Career Researchers more visible to the public.

In order to achieve favourable circumstances for our Early Career Researchers and establish a "best practice" procedure the Early Career Support conducts surveys on the conditions our candidates and supervisors face in an examination procedure. We also wish to provide the doctoral candidates with platforms that can be used for networking and distribute information on interesting events, job opportunities, public lectures, further training measures and sources of finance.   

Further information

On our web pages you will find detailed information on


The staff of the Early Career Support may take personal leave during the lecture-free period. If you wish to consult with us in person during our office hours please check our team pages beforehand; any cancellation of office hours will be announced there.