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Doctoral Procedures in the Department of Political and Social Sciences

The following pages have been designed on the one hand for (prospective) doctoral candidates and on the other hand for (potential) supervisors, reviewers or further members of a doctoral commission who do not submit a written assessment. We would be grateful if you were to view the doctoral procedure also from the perspective of the other involved parties and would welcome your ideas.

Information for Doctoral Candidates will provide you with

  • chronological descriptions of both the individual and the structured doctorate
  • the requirements a cumulative doctoral thesis has to meet
  • an introduction to the conflict counselling in our department
  • a list of frequently asked questions
  • rules and regulations for the Dr. phil/Ph.D and the Dr. rer. pol./Ph.D.

On Information for Commission Members you will find information on the role of

  • supervisors
  • second assessors and
  • further members (i.e. those who do not submit a written assessment) of doctoral commissions,

the criteria for their appointment as well as their rights and duties in a doctoral procedure.


Regrettably we can´t consult with you in person, but you´ll find information on our telephone office hours on the staff web pages. We will continue to be at your disposal per mail and we can process documents and applications that have been submitted by (e-)mail. With the consent of all involved parties defenses of doctoral theses may take place. But in order to minimize the risk of infection they must be held per video conference (Webex).