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New project: Peer Challenger Report - Facilitating the Review of German Sustainability Policies

News from Feb 25, 2009

Project description

The German Federal Chancellery has mandated the national Council for Sustainable Development to prepare and conduct an independent review of the German sustainable development strategy and policies through a peer review process. The aim of the Peer Challenger Report is to review the actual implementation of Germany’s sustainability goals and to improve the governance approaches of public and private actors regarding sustainable development. Due to this mandate, Germany will follow the EU recommendations to member states to undertake a review of their sustainability strategies.
The result of the pending peer review is a so called Peer Challenger Report. The aim of the report is to discuss the strengths, shortcomings and potentials of Germany’s sustainability policies. These findings will emerge from a Peer Challenger Dialogue, in which 10-12 international sustainability experts will discuss the current state of German sustainability policies and develop policy recommendations.
The Peer Review process will be supported substantially and organizationally by the FFU and its partners. The main task will be to prepare a state of the art report to serve as a basis for further peer discussion, to moderate the Peer Challenger Week and to write the final report after the Peer Challenger Week in June 2009.