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Considering the European Green Deal as an environmental and climate policy meta strategy

An analytical contribution to the Yearbook of European Integration 2020

News from Jan 06, 2021

Since 1980, the Institute for European Politics's Yearbook of European Integration documents and assesses in a timely and detailed manner the European integration process. In more than a hundred articles the contributors to the recent edition reflect upon the events in European politics during the reporting period covering 2019/2020 from their respective research focus and inform about the work of the European institutions, about trends in individual policy areas of the EU, about Europe's role in the world, and about the European politic of member states and candidates.

In 2019/2020 environmental and climate policy has received a significant attention on the political agenda of the European institutions. The submission of the European Green Deal marks a pivotal point of this agenda. In his contribution Klaus Jacob analyses this key project of the new European Commission under German president Ursula von der Leyen as an environmental and climate policy meta strategy.


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