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Social issues of food systems in the spotlight

Agricultural newspaper "Schweizer Bauer" reports on the project "Social cohesion, food and health. Inclusive food system transitions" (IFST)

News from Mar 08, 2022

The project "Social cohesion, food and health. Inclusive food system transitions", IFST for short, was presented in the agricultural newspaper "Schweizer Bauer". IFST is a collaborative project funded by the Berlin University Alliance as part of the 'Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion'. Dr Klaus Jacob is one of the coordinators of the project. 

The project investigates which social dynamics trigger processes of change in the food system and, conversely, which effects transformations have on social cohesion. How closely social issues are linked to changes in the food system is currently evident in the public debate about junk prices of agricultural products. Against this background, technical and social innovations in the food sector will be examined more closely in IFST with regard to their impact on social cohesion.  

In this context, Dr Valentin Fiala and Dr Klaus Jacob are developing scenarios together with practitioners to identify possible framework conditions for the food system and its innovation processes. 

You can find the link to the reporting (in German) here

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