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Transformations as a co-evolutionary process: Klaus Jacob in the new anthology "What work do we do? On the Future of Economy Nature and Culture" published by the Otto Brenner Foundation

News from Jan 04, 2023

Under the title "It's teeming with chicken-and-egg problems," Klaus Jacob analyzes requirements for socio-ecological transformations and how they can be shaped. Sustainability transformations are described as a co-evolutionary process: Transformations are not solely due to technological innovations. They require and are accompanied by changes in all system areas: infrastructure and culture as well as institutions and social practices. The processes of change are mutually dependent. Feedback effects in particular must be taken into account: If mutual reinforcement consumes the necessary resources, regulation is required. Furthermore, chicken-and-egg problems must be considered: If changes in individual system elements depend on those of others and vice versa, then there is also a need for regulation here. In this light, approaches to transformation-oriented policies are examined and possible conflicts in the design of transformations are illuminated.   

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